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Frequently asked questions

Can I buy the vaginal course when I'm pregnant but then swap over to the caesarean if I end up having one?

Absolutely, we will change you over straight away if you DM us on Instagram (@welcometobabyhood)  email [email protected]

We recommend watching as many of the videos whilst you're in the 3rd trimester so you're armed with the knowledge before they're here,  then rewatching them when your tiny human is here.

What topics does Clare cover?

Clare is your Body's best friend & will guide you through your recovery in the first 40 days & beyond.

In both the Caesarean course & Vaginal course you will learn:

How to look after any wounds you have
A whole tour of your pelvic floor & how to exercise it
Back care
Early gentle movement
Your bladder & bowel care
Confidence for your first walk
Support for prolapse, Haemorrhoids, Fissures/tears, Incontinence
Self checking for diastasis rectus abdominis
Reassurance for postnatal pelvic girdle pain
Having sex the first time post party & how to manage any pain

What topics does Anna cover?

Anna is your sleep saviour & will give you everything you need to know about your days & nights

Your first night home
How to swaddle
Safe sleep
How much sleep your baby should be getting
Age appropriate awake windows
What your babies sleep environment should look like
The circadian rhythm
Your babies 7 senses
Bedtime routines
White noise
Settling & soothing your baby
Learning to recognise overtired signs
How to cope with sleep deprivation
How to co-sleep safely
How to get your partner involved
Different techniques to calm your baby

What topics does Illy cover?

Illy is your brain's bodyguard & will give you the space to digest what you've been through whilst empowering you to make time for you in the depths of newborn-ness

How to ask for help & where to get the help
Unravelling your birth
How to respond to your baby as well as recognising your own needs
PTSD & baby blues
Understanding your triggers & how to manage them
The mental load & how to delegate responsibilities
Checking in to see how you are
Processing the change

What topics does Stacey cover?

Stacey is your feeding family & will support you with all the tools you need to nourish yourself & your baby

The importance of skin to skin 
Breastfeeding positions
Attachment & latching
Understanding your babies feeding cues
When your milk comes in
How to know your baby is drinking your milk
Wet & dirty nappies
Pain when feeding & how to get the support you need
Pumping & bottle feeding
Feed lengths & intervals
Cluster feeding & growth spurts
Responsive feeding
Your milk supply


Can you watch all the videos in one go or are the days locked?

You can binge watch the entire course all in one go or you can watch a day at a time.

Is there any CIO (cry it out)?

No, we do not use the CIO method at Babyhood, Anna will teach you every tool you need to ensure you get as little cries as possible (we cannot guarantee no cries as that is how babies communicate!)