BODY // vaginal birth

I will be your body's best friend for the next 40 days and beyond.

I am a pelvic health physiotherapist and most importantly a Mum of 2.

Physiotherapy is what I always wanted to do and I graduated university, 12 years ago, I've fallen in love with your Pelvic Health! I work with women and men throughout their lives with symptoms relating to their pelvic floor, but have a particular passion in supporting women during pregnancy and after birth, helping them to seek treatment for any pain or pelvic floor dysfunction they experience. I love supporting women and men to do what they love symptom free. Having lived pregnancy and the postnatal experience, I know what a precious but also vulnerable and sometimes lonely experience it can be. have worked in the NHS extensively before moving into my own private practice. I will be here for you every single day.

Clare x

Professional Accreditation

  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)
  • Healthcare Professions Council
  • (HCPC)
  • Pelvic Obstetric Gynaecological

Physiotherapists (POGP)


BSc Physiotherapy from University of Birmingham

£11.00 GBP

Stacey is your feeding family & will support you with all the tools you need to nourish yourself & your baby

The course videos cover:
The importance of skin to skin 
Breastfeeding positions
Attachment & latching
Understanding your babies feeding cues
When your milk comes in
How to know your baby is drinking your milk
Wet & dirty nappies
Pain when feeding & how to get the support you need
Pumping & bottle feeding
Feed lengths & intervals
Cluster feeding & growth spurts
Responsive feeding
Your milk supply