BRAIN course // post party pick n' mix

I am your brain's bodyguard, a Midwife, Hypnobirthing teacher, birth debrief facilitator mother of two.

I qualified as a Midwife in 2017 and went on to work at a busy South London Hospital.

When I was pregnant with my own daughter, I made the decision to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher having witnessed many birthing people use it and seeing first-hand how effective it could be. 

I have always had a passion for empowering women during pregnancy and childbirth as I believe a positive birth experience comes from support and antenatal education.

I trained first and foremost in order to use the tools myself but also because I knew wholeheartedly that they could benefit so many other birthing people. My own birth experience led me to examine the effects of birth trauma and appreciate the need for greater understanding of what took place and why. This is why I am here to act as your birth debriefing service, to facilitate healing from an experience that may not have been as positive as you had hoped for.

Topics I cover:

  • Unravelling your birth
  • How to respond to your baby as well as recognising your own needs
  • PTSD & baby blues
  • Understanding your triggers & how to manage them
  • The mental load & how to delegate responsibilities
  • Checking in to see how you are
  • Processing the change

£11.00 GBP


Clare will take care of you & your body through your post party. In both the Caesarean course & Vaginal course you will have videos day by day learning:

How to look after any wounds you have
A whole tour of your pelvic floor & how to exercise it
Back care from carrying the load
Early gentle movement
Your bladder & bowel care
Confidence for your first walk
Support for prolapse, Haemorrhoids, Fissures/tears, Incontinence
Self checking for diastasis rectus abdominis
Reassurance for postnatal pelvic girdle pain
Having sex the first time post party & how to manage any pain